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This magazine is for youth created and managed by youth within the Writer's Vibe program of Every Child has a Story.  Your subscription includes a hard copy of the magazine. Youth Talk is published 6 times a years. Funds collected from subscriptions are used by the Writers Vibe to reduce the costs of publishing books written by youth age 8-18.  Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading our magazine.


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Finally a magazine that bellows the voices of youth!  Sometimes, adults forget we have a voice or that we really are paying attention to what's happening around us.  Our magazine, Youth Talk Magazine will capture stories and content written by our peers. There will lots of sections because we have lots of development, public speaking, politics, current issues, art, music, poetry and many many more. We will spotlight a youth doing amazing things, mini moguls creating their place in the business world, youth authors and interviews with interesting people.  Although this is a magazine written for and by youth...adults will find it interesting too.  

Join us! Subscribe today! Support us as we develop into the leaders our communities need tomorrow!