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Are you looking for EASY crafts and recipes you and your family can make together? Sounds like you want to create Forever Memories! Look no further!


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It’s official: the holidays are here! No matter what you’re celebrating, chances are you feel some pressure to do a bit of decorating and give some gifts. Rather than head to the big box store for impersonal gifts and decorations, why not try out some homemade alternatives this year? And while you're at it, get the family involved in cooking some very easy and tasty sweets this holiday season.Gifts and decor you make yourself are often less expensive and always have much more heart than something you picked up at the mall. You do not have to be the crafty type to create beautiful homemade gifts and decor for your holiday home. And you don't need to be a "Top Chef" to create fabulous, mouth-watering easy treats with the family.