Dealing With Difficult People - The Guide SKU: 135171

We have all run into them before.  No matter what we do...there is always someone looking to make your life miserable.  Don't give up...there's help.


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We all know some difficult people, don't we? It's frustrating enough when there are people that we deal with casually, but it is worse when they are members of our family or a boss. If these people are coworkers, it's irritating, but we can possibly keep interaction with them to a minimum. If they are people we can't get away from, it takes a little skill to deal with them and come out unfazed.

How many of these types are familiar to you?
1. The Big Bully.
2. The Come From Behind Artist.
3. The Volatile Volumizer.
4. The Know It All Non-Listener.
5. The Wishy Washy One.
6. The Yes Me To Death Fraud.

These fairly familiar types show up in all walks of life as coworkers, family, neighbors and friends. They can terrorize and paralyze you. You don't like working with them or even talking to them.
Luckily, you can outsmart them and help them. If you understand them and then use some easy strategies, you have a good chance of keeping peace and getting what you want done.
No longer do you have to suffer in silence while your frustration builds up. You may have thought this was your only option, but it isn't.